Basic Coexistence Rules

The host family commits to:

  • Date rangeCare for the hosted athlete as a member of the family.
  • Respect the values and beliefs of the guest as long as they do not disrupt daily coexistence.
  • Pick up the hosted athlete from the airport, train station, or arrival point, as long as the distance is less than 150 km.
  • Provide the hosted student with appropriate, healthy, and balanced meals.
  • Take into account any special dietary requirements of the guest (such as diabetes, celiac disease, food allergies, etc.) when planning the menu.
  • Return the hosted student to the designated meeting point with their parents.

The student commits to:

  • Respect the family's way of life, as well as their values and beliefs.
  • Be responsible for the house, its residents, and their visitors.
  • Assist with household chores if required.
  • Seek permission before taking action and demonstrate manners and respect.
  • Enjoy and learn from the new environment.
  • Share daily experiences.

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