Sportyga is a platform for accommodation exchange among families with athletes. We connect families with similar interests and assist entities such as clubs, companies, associations, and municipalities in promoting their events. These exchanges take place in Europe, the United States, and Canada, allowing participants to join sports camps, races, tournaments, or fulfill their dream of visiting a specific club, all while improving their language skills.

Sportyga is comprised of a team of professionals in the field, led by Ignacio Gómez-Acebo Díez, CEO of Sportyga. Born in 1983 in Santander, Spain, Ignacio is the youngest of three brothers: "As children, we spent summers with host families in Ireland, England, France, the United States, or Canada, learning languages and experiencing their cultures," he recalls. During those summers, he enjoyed playing football, basketball, or any other sport while enhancing his language skills. These experiences led him to forge friendships, travel, develop a passion for sports, learn from their values, and even seize professional opportunities.

This is how Sportyga was born, with the aim of assisting and connecting young people interested in the same sport with host families through sports event organizing entities.

Advantages of using Sportyga

Sports experience

Experience firsthand how they play your favorite sport in the destination of your choice.

Learn languages

Sports as a means to learn languages in a different environment surrounded by people of your age.

Family travel

The student's family also travels and can explore the area while their children engage in sports.

Maximum security

The student is safe with a Sportyga-certified host family and their own parents' approval.

Always available

Engage in sports during your summer vacation, Easter break, Carnival, or any other time of the year.

Extra income

The host family can receive a maintenance payment as income for hosting.

Gift vouchers

By hosting a student, you can enjoy experiences with any Sportyga family.

Increased registrations

Event organizers gain registrations by inviting their associated families to join Sportyga.

Search for sports events

Sign up for free on Sportyga and use their search tool to find a sports camp or tournament in your vacation destination.

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