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Do you organize sporting events?

For Clubs, Companies, Associations, City Councils, or Universities. Discover the benefits of joining Sportyga, a community where you can showcase your work and attract more participants to your events.

How does Sportyga work?

Are you looking for a host family? Access our search engine and filter according to your interests: favorite sport, destination, age, and date range. This way, you can find the family that best suits your needs. Request a reservation, and you will have 48 hours to discuss details and clarify any doubts with the family. If they accept your request, you only need to make the payment and start packing!

You can also offer yourself as a host family for a student to experience sports with your children. Once the stay is over, you will have the option to receive a voucher that you can redeem for another Sportyga stay during the same nights, or alternatively, receive a payment for the student's living expenses (management fees not included in any case).

Centers can add their activities and directly invite their members to become Host Families. This way, they will gain visibility throughout Europe, the USA, and Canada, and attract more participants.

Advantages of using Sportyga

Sports experience

Experience firsthand how they play your favorite sport in the destination of your choice.

Learn languages

Sports as a means to learn languages in a different environment surrounded by people of your age.

Family travel

The student's family also travels and can explore the area while their children engage in sports.

Maximum security

The student is safe with a Sportyga-certified host family and their own parents' approval.

Always available

Engage in sports during your summer vacation, Easter break, Carnival, or any other time of the year.

Extra income

The host family can receive a maintenance payment as income for hosting.

Gift vouchers

By hosting a student, you can enjoy experiences with any Sportyga family.

Increased registrations

Event organizers gain registrations by inviting their associated families to join Sportyga.

Search for sports events

Sign up for free on Sportyga and use their search tool to find a sports camp or tournament in your vacation destination.

Families around the world

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